Bing and Beetles

Dorcus tanakai (large) (2)

While looking through some of my paintings to maybe post, I found this pair.  I had forgotten the little details about this species, so I Binged  Dorcus tanakai, and to my surprise my painting popped up as the first image in the Bing image search.  I had originally posted it on Flickr a while back and forgot.  Okay, I know, cheap thrill but a small one nonetheless.

Enough about me, this beetle pair, dorsal and ventral (back and belly) views, were painted with acrylics on canvas.


9 thoughts on “Bing and Beetles

  1. Your work is incredible! Do your search on somebody else’s computer and see if you pop up. A friend and I did that a while back. Got entirely different search results. For whatever reason the search engines now give u what it thinks u want and not necessarily what u r searching for. For example I was searching on France Bellville and got a lot of ancestry hits because I have been on ancestry lately. I really wanted the sketch artist. It’s the same thing that pops ads up that google thinks you are interested in buying from. I get a lot of cheap joes. Always annoying! Lol.

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  2. You are ever the exquisite ‘renderer’ Gorgeous and perfect.
    I went to Canada on my honeymoon – the reason – I wanted to go to the Insectarium in Montreal (I know, my husband should have sprinted in the opposite direction – long ago! 😉 )


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