Beetles Bugs and a Spider Killer

Insects and Arachnids on Display

These are a few of the displays in my husband’s insect collection.  He has collected a number of these himself in the field in North Florida and has identified, mounted and framed them.


6 thoughts on “Beetles Bugs and a Spider Killer

  1. So your hubby is in on the bugs is he. Where does he stand with the zombies – just askin’ 😉
    I think I told you somewhere along the line that I chose Montreal, Canada as my honeymoon destination ’cause I wanted to go the the Insectarium there. I keep asking my giant husband…”why didn’t you run when you had the chance!”
    I think it’s lovely how you 2 share wall space – now that’s a beautiful union:)

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    • He’s definitely my better half and a giant one like you have.
      I learned a long time ago to just say “yes dear, I agree” and now a good many years later I really do agree. How does that happen!?


      • Ah, the giants are kind, patient souls 🙂
        Well, I guess someone agrees and someone fake agrees and then you forget who said which ’cause it doesn’t matter anymore 😉 happens this way to except in the other direction 🙂
        Have a fab Friday!
        I’m off to dreamland

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    • Thanks, Johanna. Those have been hanging like that for a number of years and I still stop to look at little details and colors like a child seeing them for the first time. I’ve used a lot of these models as references for my insect art .

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