Sketchbook Fun with Arachnids

sketchbook insects 6-15 (12)

Some spider drawings done with Platinum Carbon fountain pen in toned Canson sketchbook.  These are for a friend and fellow blogger, Inari, who drew a beautiful spider for me.  Check out, “what’s on the drawing board?” at  Inari Designs

14 thoughts on “Sketchbook Fun with Arachnids

  1. Morning Miss Leslie.
    I’m sure you get the “you should do this or you should do that” with your art –
    but just curious – have you ever attempted your own unique brand of ‘greeting’ cards – I could see these exquisite gems of illustration/typography/and layout as things to be sent out and held in the hand – with sentiments inside…
    Happy Weekend (may the outdoors by bug-free 😉 )

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  2. They are so well done, just looking at the little hairs on them makes me shiver (as you know I’m not the biggest fan on spiders). You really make them life like and the paper suits your style. Great work

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