Praying Mantis

mantid box

Most of these Mantids were collected in North Florida by my husband (all but the three large spread-winged ones).


16 thoughts on “Praying Mantis

  1. Cool Leslie. I was just telling my son about some of the cool bugs that we’d see in our neighborhood when we were young. I remember seeing really large water bugs, locust and praying mantis among others.

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  2. Morning Leslie.
    Every once in awhile, I’m treated to a mantis walking across my street. They are amazing to watch from the tilt of their heads to those giant eyeballs you know are staring at you. I always make sure they get all the way across.
    Happy Wednesday!

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    • It’s a shame. These were collected in a very wooded area in North Florida where they were seemingly abundant, but I’m sure they’ve become pretty scarce in more rural areas.
      Thanks for stopping by, Someone.


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