My Set-Up for Insect Illustrations

cicada set-up (1)

This is a pinned cicada mounted on a cork that swivels on a ball and socket.  The device is called a posing stage.  This setup is so I don’t have to handle the specimen as I am notoriously breaking legs and antennae.  (See posing stage photo below)

bold jumper set-up

This is a stereoscopic microscope or dissecting microscope. (1960’s)  It is connected to the monitor which is showing a  Bold Jumper spider.

cicada set-up (10)

This image shows a better view of the posing stage from Bioquip Products.  This enables me to move the specimen all around by the handle without having to touch it.

bold jumper 3 set-up

1960’s dissecting microscope.

15 thoughts on “My Set-Up for Insect Illustrations

  1. This is amazing! I’ve often wondered how artists can draw so “intimately” and exactly the minute details of a small insect! This is a fabulous post! I “discovered” your site by noticing your comment on AnnMarie’s blog….her great creatures and poetry. So glad I stopped by. Your talent is amazing….although, I must admit, I prefer the plants to the bugs 🙂
    Have a great day! So nice to meet you over my morning coffee 🙂

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  2. Slick setup… I usually have to resort to finding reference images online to help with the finer details. Insects are quite fragile, so you definitely need this kind of setup for all the handling required. Cool.

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  3. I am looking at this whole set up with utterly amazement! How clever and of course how logical…to draw something that tiny and detailed, you have to have it enlarged! Thnaks for a peek in the ‘kitchen’, it is truly fascinating! have a great weekend, Johanna

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