Digger Wasp

Chlorion lobatum

This is a type of Digger wasp.  Digger wasp females typically capture their prey – in her case crickets – and paralyzes it. She then buries the prey in the prepared nest but not before laying a single egg on it.  The emerging larva will feed on the live paralyzed prey, eventually killing it. Latin name, Chlorion lobatum is a very brightly colored metallic green with antennae that curl at the ends.

Painted in watercolor on Bristol paper


11 thoughts on “Digger Wasp

  1. Morning Leslie.
    I’m so glad I didn’t kill the wasp in my house yesterday, even though it was not gorgeous like the one here. I coaxed it into a glass and freed it outside. I’m in the habit of saving most bugs, but admittedly, wasps sometimes are not on that list. This is just beautiful as is the fluid typography.
    Lovely day to you

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