Eastern Lubber Grasshopper


Lubber small

When driving through rural areas in Florida it is not unusual to have these huge grasshoppers flailing themselves at your car in large numbers.  I imagine for some people seeing this for the first time they might find it sort of creepy.  Romalea microptera, common name Lubber is a large grasshopper found throughout Florida and the southeastern United states.  Known for it’s size and color (about 3″).  Though the Lubber has small wings, it does not exactly fly but jumps rather clumsily (thus the name Lubber).  These grasshoppers can be very damaging to crops and ornamentals.

For more information on the Romalea microptera:   http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/orn/lubber.htm

20 thoughts on “Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

  1. Grasshoppers are another group where you don’t realize just how many different ones there are until you look them up. I keep meaning to draw a grasshopper, but I get distracted by other shiny things. I like all the detail work on this one.

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  2. Morning Leslie –
    You gotta, gotta at some point do/make/promote some sort of card line – these could be absolutely charming/wonderful – you’ve got all the right stuff – talent, ingenuity and vision – if you make them – they will buy them!
    Happy Wednesday to you, my friend.

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