Sketchbook Fun – Cicada (Ayuthia spectabilis)

cicada A. spectabalabis small b

Some fun in my sketchbook this morning

Common names, Ghost Cicada and Milky Cicada

from Thailand

cicada A. spectabalabis small 2a

cicada A. spectabalabis (1)


21 thoughts on “Sketchbook Fun – Cicada (Ayuthia spectabilis)

  1. Hi Leslie – what a beauty…
    The other evening my son and I were reading on the front porch. It was getting dark so I put the outside lights on. In about ten minutes a giant creature was flitting about. My son wanted to believe it was a humming bird. I said, “no, my big brave boy, that is a large man-eating moth.” He closed his book and went inside. I was not far behind. 😉
    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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