Blue-Eyed Darner – Aeshna multicolor

Aeshna dragonfly small

I was asked recently if I illustrate dragonflies.  I do but have not posted one.  The reason being that most of the insects I illustrate are created with field guide quality in mind.  In other words, one should be able to use my illustrations for identification purposes.  When identifying a dragonfly the markings often used are the cells and veins on the wings right down to the smallest detail.  Those details may only be noticeable to the trained, keen-eyed entomologist.  Though keen-eyed, I am not a trained entomologist.  That said, this illustration is very accurate however, I cannot guarantee that I did not leave out a vein line or add extra cells.

24 thoughts on “Blue-Eyed Darner – Aeshna multicolor

  1. Reblogged this on anntogether and commented:
    Not all of us consider insects beautiful, but when these arthropods are rendered by a talented artist–they suddenly become creatures of breathtaking beauty. Her flora works are stunning as well. Miss Brenden is a multi-talented graphic designer too. She has a natural flair for lettering and layout. And her zombies are just plain wicked fun! I adore her work.

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  2. Wow! The detail is incredible. Every little line in the wing… really amazing! Such beautiful work 🙂 Have you ever created an identify book of all your bugs? That would be so neat to have your art and your little blips about them bound for other artists to admire and for others to use as identifying insects.

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  3. What can I say your work is beautiful. I hope to have a showing in 2016 as I have begun a theme of dragonflies one is on my site in the right side on art progress. The back story I wish to share with you. I lost two children in 2010 one day apart. At a memorial service in an open meadow at the end of the service thousands of dragonflies of all types rose from the grasses in a swirling pattern toward the sky. Since my family has adopted the dragonfly as a symbol of their passing. I hope you don’t mind that I shared this with you. Have a great weekend. Ann


    • Hello Ann. Thank you for sharing with me. My sincerest thoughts go out to you and your family. As a mother, I…..I, sorry but I am unable to find the words at this moment.
      Nonetheless I am honored that my painting drew you here to share your tragic loss with me. I hope that it offered you, perhaps a moment of solace.
      Best regards, Leslie

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  4. Awesome… love the detail. You can bet I will NOT be so detailed if I should ever draw one! I commend you on the patience. I always admire detail work from others, but I personally have no patience for it. I don’t officially have any kind of ADHD going on, but I do have a short-attention span.

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