Paper Wasp Nest (Polistes exclamans) Florida

Thought I’d post a cool photo while I work on some art projects. I love these wasps and photograph them with great respect as they are very protective of their nests, and will sting.   You will notice that some of the cells in this nest are capped closed. The larvae spin silk over the opening of their cell prior to entering the pupal stage.  Each day I watch as more and more cells are enclosed.

Paper Wasp Nest small



18 thoughts on “Paper Wasp Nest (Polistes exclamans) Florida

  1. Good morning, Leslie.
    Well, here I am in Anchorage, Alaska — up at 4:30 AM their time (8:30 Boston time) and perusing my favorite blogs and somehow, realized, you are not appearing in my Reader. hmmmm how did that happen? So, pressed Follow again and hopefully you will greet me in the AM more often now! 🙂
    This photo is quite incredible — beautiful, intricate, and a realization that “home” is so different for so many from humans to insects etc.
    The question I’ve been meaning to ask — how did you get interested in insects? Your drawings are quite amazing — the “intersection of the beautiful and the hideous” in your words. How did you develop this particular interest?
    Happy I am — looking forward to Denali tomorrow — muse for my poetry for certain!

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    • Hi Lillian- I have caught myself making a comment, clicking the like button and just about leaving the site before realizing that I forgot to click the POST COMMENT button! Grrrrrrrr.
      Glad to have you aboard!
      Alaska!! Sounds like a wonderful place for some peaceful solitude. Enjoy, and tell us all about it.
      Thank you for your kind words and interest. I have always had a respectful curiosity for insects. My husband of a thousand years, has always had the same love and curiosity for the amazing six-legged. So, make a long story not so long, he’s the collector and I paint the collection. Perhaps one day we’ll make a book or two out of our shared interest.


    • Absolutely, cautious and respectful.
      As a child I think I was stung every summer at least once and by every stinging insect possible. You’d think I’d be terrified by now, but my curiosity overrides my fears.
      Thanks for visiting, Someone.


  2. brrrr, I do admire the crafty work but it does remind me of a nest found in the attic of the house I grew up. It was as big as a rolled up mattress and after it was destroyed, there where 7 big garbage bags full of ‘paper’ and wasps and…7 queens ready to fly out and make new nests. I do not know if this is really true, but the man who killed the wasps (with a poisonous gas) claimed, the queens could have gone into the house with swarms of wasps and be dangerous to humans. It gave me nightmares for months as a 10 year old girl…probably have one tonight again;0) xo Johanna

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