August 28th (5)smallGoofin’ around again.  The attempt has been to to go right in with brush and paints, no references and little planning.  In other words, stepping out of my comfort zone.  The process has been a lot of fun, and once again I can’t help but humor myself by playing around with these silly little characters.

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  1. Just catching up after our trip, and then getting hit with loads of laundry and a hacking upper respiratory virus — ugh! And here I find your wonderful little creatures. LOVE them! The green one looks like it has a tummy ache….the yellow one on the left I immediately named Miss Priss; and the wise old geezer on the right seems to be looking on, exhausted, at the antics of the young Swede below (blue and yellow are Swedish colors). When you can have someone look at your work, immediately smile and have a story come to mind….now that’s a fun piece of artistry! Really really fun!

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  2. OMG, I am totally in your zone too (see my recent post) – well, actually, I came out of it. My first thought was wow, this is so different from what you have ever shown. You do show neat stuff and like to experiment like me. Very interesting illustration, I like it a lot!

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  3. This is really cool! Are they sleepy or sad? A couple of them look a little sleepy… I like the colors and the expressions on the faces. A nice change of pace from the technical illustrations you usually do for the insect world!

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  4. If this is stepping out, buggish lady – you must go out dancing much more often!
    Can I just say the word – SUPERB!
    This captivating piece has a deco-tapestry-black light sensibility – see you created an entirely new art category!
    Happy Freakin’ Friday, my friend!

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