Sketchbook Fun – Lilliputian Girls

Enjoying my sketchbook with some Lilliputian girls that had to get out and have some fun.Β  Done with Pentel brush pen, General’s white charcoal pencil and Prismacolor red pencil in a Strathmore grey toned sketchbook.


19 thoughts on “Sketchbook Fun – Lilliputian Girls

  1. Love these. My two favorite: the first one with blush cheeks. I think she’s wearing high fashioned high top tennis shoes and a pencil skirt, waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up, just to go for a ride with the top down. But my most favorite is the one with the more protruding nose, the big blue eye and the kinky wavey hair. Somehow I identify with her. She is looking at something and has a sly little secret in her head!
    These are fabulous, Leslie!

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    • LOL!! Thank you. Great visuals!
      Funny thing, I have lots more of these Lilliputian gals dancing through my sketchbooks and I often give them a thought bubble in which I fill in their inner-most secrets. Like “I’m afraid…” or “you can’t trust me…” In my head (and obviously yours) they have a life and secrets and high top tennis shoes. I’ll post some of them.

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  2. Leslie, these are wonderful. The faces are whimsical, yet not so fairy, that we can’t identify with them as gorgeously edgy human-types with distinct personalities. I love the proportions and the treasure-trove of emotion captured in their eyes – did I say I love these!

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  3. I like! I can do reasonably good work if I have a photo reference and really really take my time… but even now experimenting with sketching faces without reference is really hard for me. I always envy people who can do it well.

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