Meet Bess From Lilliput

Lilliput Gals 003

Bess was one of the few Lilliput lovelys who had very little desire to meet the big life in the big world.  We had to bribe her with lots of sweets just to get her here.
Meet Bess; she is very shy with everyone except her family. In fact, Bess’ family would say that she’s quite the motor-mouth. She talks to the animals and claims they talk back though nobody has ever heard this, nor do they question her. Bess never wears shoes because they keep her from feeling the ground.
Let’s make her feel welcome.


16 thoughts on “Meet Bess From Lilliput

  1. Sometimes the big world isn’t as big as it is advertised to be… so Bess can take it at her own pace and just dip a toe or two in at first… there’s no hurry to dive in if she wants to take it slow! 🙂


  2. Morning Leslie.
    I don’t know, this Bess looks as if she’s harboring deep desires and little secrets. If she’s shy it’s because she’s smart and doesn’t want the general populace discovering her inner-wishes.
    She is another whimsical treasure, my friend – a real beauty:)

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