21 thoughts on “Beetle Love

  1. Always love these! Hey, a secret for you, about my bugs… Bob (the ladybug) and Blue (the beetle) are drawn with multiple layers so I can move their wings for them to fly. Bob flew back when I first introduced him, but Blue never has. I had a brief moment of smart when I was drawing them originally, and made those wings movable just in case I wanted them to fly so the work would already be done! Of course, mine aren’t nearly as beautifully rendered as yours but I’m also not insane enough to make my work that hard! 🙂

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  2. Amazing drawings! Many moons ago we lived in the midwest and had what we called “June bugs” attach themselves to our screens at night. I’m certain they were some type of beetle…you could kind of hear them on the screens….maybe rubbing or landing on the screens….no humming like a cicada though. Wonder what those were????

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    • Hi Lillian – Yes, June Bug is a common name for several similar species of beetles that come to our porch lights from May through July in most of the country.
      Beetles in general and as a whole are pretty amazing and diverse little creatures.
      Thank you.

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