Lilliput Gal Makes Her Debut

Lilliput Gals 005

The Lilliput Gals have been clamoring for days about getting out of my sketchbooks and enjoying more of the big world.  They squealed with excitement whey I told them that I would give them all makeovers.
Say hi to Gwen.  She is very shy, loves nature and has kept a diary since she was 12. (her words)


More Autumn Leaves

October 4th (5)

  BB over at BB’s Art and Design put out an invitation to draw the autumn leaves daily in celebration of fall.  My leaves have ben straight out of my imagination because where I live it’s always summer.  Stop by BB’s and check out her beautiful botanical illustrations and much more. It’s not too late to join in and draw some autumn leaves this Fall.

Sketchbook Fun – Lilliputian Girls Have More to Say

The gals from Lilliput are lining up to get away from that tiny town and see the world.

Sketchbook Fun – More Lilliputian Gals and their Thoughts Revealed

Most of these gals have something to say or hidden thoughts to unleash so it’s my job to document them in my sketchbooks.  Only now they want out.  Meet some more gals from Lilliput.

Sketchbook Fun – Lilliputian Girls

Enjoying my sketchbook with some Lilliputian girls that had to get out and have some fun.  Done with Pentel brush pen, General’s white charcoal pencil and Prismacolor red pencil in a Strathmore grey toned sketchbook.