Sketchbook Fun with Arachnids

sketchbook insects 6-15 (12)

Some spider drawings done with Platinum Carbon fountain pen in toned Canson sketchbook.  These are for a friend and fellow blogger, Inari, who drew a beautiful spider for me.  Check out, “what’s on the drawing board?” at  Inari Designs


Beetles Bugs and a Spider Killer

Insects and Arachnids on Display

These are a few of the displays in my husband’s insect collection.  He has collected a number of these himself in the field in North Florida and has identified, mounted and framed them.

Phalacrognathus Mueller

Phalacrognathus mueller, male

This iridescent male beetle is Phalacrognathus Mueller, a species in the Lucanidae family.  He is commonly called a rainbow stag beetle.

Painted with acrylics on watercolor paper, the real fun and challenge of painting this awesome beetle was in trying to communicate his iridescence.


Chalcosoma atlas

Chalcosoma atlas postcard

This awesome beetle could not go unpainted.  A species of beetle belonging to the Scarabaeidae family.
Painted with acrylics on watercolor postcard paper.




This male Odontolabis is a genus of beetles belonging to the Lucanidae family. I painted him with acrylics on high quality watercolor paper.