Meet Bonnie, a Lilliput Beauty

Lilliput Gal

Bonnie wanted to wish everyone a lovely weekend from sunny Lilliput, where it’s summer all year around.


Sketchbook Fun – Lilliputian Girls

Enjoying my sketchbook with some Lilliputian girls that had to get out and have some fun.  Done with Pentel brush pen, General’s white charcoal pencil and Prismacolor red pencil in a Strathmore grey toned sketchbook.


Sketchbook Fun

Some sketchbook drawings done over the past couple months.

The blue flowers are Lobelia.  All are painted with gouache. Notice the beetle leg peeking into the lily drawing.


Sketchbook Fun with Arachnids

sketchbook insects 6-15 (12)

Some spider drawings done with Platinum Carbon fountain pen in toned Canson sketchbook.  These are for a friend and fellow blogger, Inari, who drew a beautiful spider for me.  Check out, “what’s on the drawing board?” at  Inari Designs


Sketchbook Fun with Wasps

sketchbook insects 6-15 (7)

Some wasp drawings drawn with a Platinum Carbon fountain pen.


Sketchbook Fun with Naked Lilliputians and Jambi Love

Lilliputians are the little people that I draw in my sketchbook. Most of the time they are naked and sometimes two-headed.