Zombie Ant Fungus

Art 5-26-15 (19)

There is a bizarre fungus that turns carpenter ants into zombies and gets them to die in a place that’s perfect for the fungus to grow and reproduce.  These sketchbook drawings are of several ants who fell victim to this very specialized fungus.

Markers in Canson Earthbound toned sketchbook.

For more info on this fungus, it’s lifecycle and the effects it has on ants:  http://www.livescience.com/5631-zombie-ants-controlled-fungus.html

Bing and Beetles

Dorcus tanakai (large) (2)

While looking through some of my paintings to maybe post, I found this pair.  I had forgotten the little details about this species, so I Binged  Dorcus tanakai, and to my surprise my painting popped up as the first image in the Bing image search.  I had originally posted it on Flickr a while back and forgot.  Okay, I know, cheap thrill but a small one nonetheless.

Enough about me, this beetle pair, dorsal and ventral (back and belly) views, were painted with acrylics on canvas.