Adam Ant and My Naked-Eye

Common Ant

Common Ant

Recently found this little guy crawling around on my sketchbook while I was sketching  Well, this is my interpretation of him as he was too fast and because he was very small and my naked-eye is not quite as sharp as it used to be.  Adam Ant here was sketched with a Micron pen and colored with Koi watercolors.

Bing and Beetles

Dorcus tanakai (large) (2)

While looking through some of my paintings to maybe post, I found this pair.  I had forgotten the little details about this species, so I Binged  Dorcus tanakai, and to my surprise my painting popped up as the first image in the Bing image search.  I had originally posted it on Flickr a while back and forgot.  Okay, I know, cheap thrill but a small one nonetheless.

Enough about me, this beetle pair, dorsal and ventral (back and belly) views, were painted with acrylics on canvas.

Chalcosoma atlas in flight

Atlas beetle (toned lagre)

I love painting these guys. They get pretty big at lengths of up to 25-60 millimeters in length. Their larva is known for  fierce behavior. It’ll  bite ya if touched. Unverified reports exist of Chalcosoma larvae that live together,  fighting to the death if space or food are insufficient.

Watercolor on Canson toned paper.

Jivaro Shrunken Head 2


This shrunken head cartoon was a lot of fun to create.  He’s 2 in a series of 4 and inspired by the real traditions and process of the Jivaro tribe’s head-shrinking methods. He was made with Copic and Prismacolor markers on paper.

Paper Wasp

Wasp edit

This is a Paper Wasp watercolor sketched in my Crescent sketchbook.  The Crescent sketchbook is predominantly for work with markers, they don’t bleed through to the next page.  Still not sure if I like the way the paper accepts watercolor.  However, for Copic and Prismacolor Markers, Crescent is awesome. Oh, and one last thing, this paper has a very slight greyish hue, it’s not labeled or considered a “toned” paper though.