Sketchbook Fun with Arachnids

sketchbook insects 6-15 (12)

Some spider drawings done with Platinum Carbon fountain pen in toned Canson sketchbook.  These are for a friend and fellow blogger, Inari, who drew a beautiful spider for me.  Check out, “what’s on the drawing board?” at  Inari Designs

More Sketchbook Fun with 3 Dancing Zombie Chicks, 1 Freak, a Naked Twerker and 1 Tiny Beetle

Some sketchbook fun to lighten the day! I draw a lot of silly figures in my sketchbooks and  call them Lilliputians because most of them are tiny-people thumbnail sketches.  All of this silliness is purely for my own simple amusement.

More Sketchbook Fun with Pen Sketches

One of the things that I like to do most for artistic inspirations is viewing other artist’s sketchbooks. It’s a peek into the unedited visual thoughts, emotions, problem solving processes, visual journaling and just the sincere enjoyment of creating with little more than pen and paper.
These are a few pen sketches I’ve done in my sketchbooks.