Something for Halloween

Plague Masks Plague Masks2

Plague mask study sketches done in Prismacolor and Copic markers.




Zombified Les small2

I’ve been Zombified.  I started this digital thing a few months ago when I  was Zombifying a few (great sports) unsuspecting friends.  This sort of silliness keeps me smiling.


What’s better than a zombie creep?. . . . . a screaming zombie creep.  I imagine his scream is, well, a sort of typical zombie scream.  But his starts low and grumbly only to intensify at the ending into an almost electric shrill. Can ya hear it?  He’s also got an awful twitch – characteristic of most zombies.  Think he needs a name.


Sketchbook Fun

Sketchbook 4-15 (9)

I should be drawing flowers and unicorns – okay some days I do.  But these guys are usually what fill my sketchbooks. Sometimes I’m compelled to name them.  Silly, I know but so much fun!  These creeps were drawn with a Sharpie marker in a Crescent Rendr sketchbook.


Zombie Creep

Zombie drawing 2

Zombie Creep is the third in a series of silly “G” rated walkers.


Zombie Girl




Zombie drawing 3

A “G” rated zombie created for my Grand who loves zombies and creeps.  Mom said it was okay, but I though I’d leave the gore out.  Just a fun piece done with markers.


Jivaro Shrunken Head 4


Here’s Shrunken Head 4 in a series of 4.  These shrinkies have been a blast to create. I used-up a lot of Copic and Prismacolor marker ink doing them, because I layer the colors, probably muddying it in some places but I think it gives it a bit of a painterly-look.