A Trio of Stag Beetles Theme

These stag beetle drawings are the first in a series of co-op themes created by Vani and I. Vani is my life long best friend, and we have created many drawing themes in the past. For this theme we chose 3 Stag beetles (Dorcus titanus, Odontolabis spectabilis, and Prosopocoilus occipitalis) to draw. The first three images are Vani’s creations and the last image is mine.
Stop by and check out Vani’s blog, Captain Primate to see more of his awesome artwork and insect collections.

A Rare and Magnificent Stag Beetle


Cyclommatus scutellaris (a couple of difficult words to say)   Is generally identified by their seriously long mandibles that often exceed the beetle’s body length.  He is an elusive species of stag beetle, and though he looks rather menacing to humans he is actually somewhat weak and very fragile..  These mandibles give Cyclommatus a big advantage however when mating or fending-off  the competition.

Painted with Liquitex acrylics on watercolor paper 6years ago