Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet Potato Vine

After watching for a few weeks as an organic sweet potato sprouted and grew leaves on my kitchen counter, I finally planted it outside in a pot.  This is what it looked like a few days ago, but today it’s 3x bigger.


12 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Vine

  1. My family owns a produce farm, and we planted over 4000 plants of Sweet Potatoes this year. They are gorgeous plants, and I love how the different leaves have different greens and purples. Enjoy how you captured the leaves/vine in this drawing. It is beautiful. The paper really adds such a lovely touch.

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  2. Hey, I’m not supposed to be on WP today and I’m cheating, breaking my own rules darn-it! But, I haven’t gotten over here and I feel bad – so here I am – and here I go duly impressed as always with your ability to handle both flora and fauna! This is just gorgeous and rich, Leslie. And again. I must say I love the entire layout of the page as well – your talent reaches beyond illustration as you grasp with sheer ease the powerful layout concept – beyond the flowing ivy, this page is a work of art too – the borders, the typography – naturally beautiful!
    You have a great weekend!
    I must now get on the darn elliptical as it is storming here, then I must write if I’m ever to get published someday, writing words would probably be a great start in that direction 😉

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    • You’ve managed to render me speechless (well almost) with such complimentary words. Your opinion is greatly appreciated, and means a lot to me.
      The word, layout seems very appropriate as I like to mix art, graphics and typography.
      Have a great weekend and happy ellipticizing. (Guess I said a lot for being speechless)


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